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Rob Melton


robbassWe received news early this morning that our bass player, Rob Melton, had gone home to be with the Lord last night after a tragic car accident. Rob was a 19-year-old young man with a love for God and a passion for life.

As the team was dealing with this news, the power went off, and we were all bathed in the soft glow of emergency lights which filled the halls and auditorium. The musicians all switched to an acoustic set, and began practicing by the light of candles, and LED flashlights. The service began and despite the lack of power, the room was full of people singing and praising the Lord. It was a quieter, more intimate morning, and Bob Deering shared the news of the loss of Rob. You could hear everyone gasp as he told of his death, and we all prayed for the Melton family during this time. Brian Stamets, who has known the Melton family for many years and watched Rob grow up, shared of Rob’s passion for Jesus and worship and the hope that we have of his salvation. Bob also said that we know that right now, Rob is experiencing what 24/7 worship is, around the throne of God. What joy and peace he is experiencing today!

After the worship ended, the lights suddenly came back on. It was if God wanted us to pause and have an intimate family moment this morning. During the time of worship, someone had taken Rob’s bass and set it in the center of the stage next to some candles. It was a reminder to all of us that even though he is not with us physically, we know that he is with Jesus.

Bob shared this morning about the amazing things that have happened in the past year. So many people have come through the doors and have been touched in so many ways – from receiving a bag of groceries to a prophetic word, to salvation, or freedom from an addiction. God has used this place to bring encouragement and hope and to spread the message of unity and love as well as the urgent message of the end of the age. For a look at what happened in the past year at the Horizon Center, check out the brochure. (You need Adobe Reader to view it). For photos of the service this morning, click here.

Please remember to pray for the Melton family. We will give details about funeral arrangements as we get them.

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  1. Though I was unable to be present for the one year anniversary of the Horizon Center, my heart and prayers are ever with you. My time at Voice was amazing, watching God work in others and bringing healing in me. The entire leadership team are people of integrity, conviction and Holy Spirit led.

    I see answers to faith-prayers every day as I watch the local news and see how God has even moved the hands of national leaders toward Elkhart in response to prophetic prayer. Continue to pray for regional revival, as the waters of Michiana flow over Michigan and Indiana bring death and new life to the Spiritual of this region. Ask for laborers and provision for the harvest. Pray for healing rain to resurrect that which the years and locusts have eaten.

    Pray for the Muslim population in Michigan to experience the divine.

    Continue to BLESS Israel–and in so doing, we will be blessed.

    For nothing else matters, but “faith expressing itself in love”…

    Bless You, My Friends,

    Linda Duncan

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