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The Community Hub

Welcome to the Voice Ministries Community Hub! This space is for those who desire to call Voice their home and make a commitment by finding a way to serve. As followers of Jesus, it is our joy to partner with Him and participate in what He is doing! Just as the physical body is composed of many different parts, so it is with the body of Christ — and all are essential to the advancing of God’s Kingdom. It’s not about a few individuals, but it’s about the family of God collectively working together. We are excited that you would consider joining us on this journey! Welcome!

This questionnaire will help us connect with you. It is a place where you can share your giftings, interests, skills, and areas that you think would be a good fit to serve and we will connect you to a team leader! Fill out the Questionnaire >>

When we say, “kingdom business” we mean that this business is one that intentionally pours back into ministry — both with time and talents as well as finances. As a family, we want to support these local businesses as they, in turn, support the Voice community and the Kingdom of God! See the list of businesses. >>

We all have needs from time to time, and many of us have abilities and skills that we can share, or we might have items that we want to pass on to someone who could use them. This is a link to our private Facebook group where you can share your needs or items or services that you have to share. There will be a few questions before you join because we want to make sure this is a safe space for people to share and participate in our community as we serve one another. Join the Facebook Group >>