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Lots Going On!

Be sure to check the news and info section for the latest information about what is going on. There are many exciting changes happening here like the Frontline School of Ministry Equipping Courses beginning on February 8 – three exciting courses from which you can choose to be equipping in areas like healing and restoration, principles of intimacy from the book of Genesis and Foundations of the Faith – the core doctrines that help establish belief systems. Then we have the Meeting Place starting back on February 24 and also The Joseph Storehouse Benefit Concert on Friday, February 20 at 7pm.

So there’s alot going on and we want to keep you informed. The News & INfo page is also the place to go for the latest meeting times and to find out the times the various ministries here are open. For any questions of comments, feel free to email us at [email protected].

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  1. Hi, can you give me the schedule for these upcoming classes; names, time, dates, etc.? Thanks in advance. Luann

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