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The Meeting Place

Each Tuesday evening at 7:00, people from all over the Michiana area gather – from all denominations, races and creeds – to come together in unity and praise the name of Jesus. This evangelistic outreach has been going on since 1996, and it continues to be a place where people come each week and encounter Jesus Christ. The music is loud, and the atmosphere can vary from high praise, to jumping worship, to quiet reflection. It’s an open door, so bring a friend and come and see what the Lord will do!

Here are some testimonies from those who come from various churches in the Michiana area and guest-lead worship for the Meeting Place. They are always so encouraging and bless us by blessing you all! We love having the opportunity to have them lead as it gives us a glimpse into what is going on at various churches in the region and adds flavor to our weekly meetings!

“We had a really good time.  I had never heard of prophecy rooms or a ministry like that, but that really blessed me.  A lot of the things spoken over me were right in line with where my heart is right now so that was a really neat experience.  I would encourage everybody to never lose their hunger for God.  The best place we can be is lost in Jesus!  That’s what’s it’s all about…getting a heart after God.” — Wes Gorsuch, worship leader from Pathway Assembly of God, Middlebury, IN

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience on Tuesday night.  I was met by Chris Harwell for an invitation to meet with some of the people in the prophetic ministry group.  They are absolutely great.  I can’t express how much I received from their meeting. I hope the Crystal Valley Worship Team was a blessing as well to your church and staff.  We felt it was a spirit filled night and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, the church, and its’ hospitality. — Steve Colagrossi (guitarist in the Crystal Valley Missionary Church Praise team)

I just had an awesome peace from the time I got there till I went to sleep.  I felt hope arise in my spirit. — Melissa Garner (singer)

This happens every time I walk into Voice (where the Meeting Place is held). I feel very emotional, it’s like everything I have thought or felt hits me all at once. I feel a sense of needing to slow down. Crazy, isn’t it. I use that word when I can’t explain it from a world’s point of view. But from God’s point of view, I believe the Holy Spirit is longing for more of me. My undivided attention. That was my experience. — Rick Thompson, Worship Leader

“Thank you Voice Ministries for being so welcoming to us as we came together to worship our God.  Our ministry team had a great time worshipping in your blessed facility. From the setup, to the service, to the time that God did his faithful work, we experienced a unity of the body of Christ that we hope to see more and more in this region.  May God give you and your ministry more opportunities to touch our community with God’s love.  Hope we meet again!” —Tommy Ward and Christian Center Church Worship Team, Guest Worship Leader at the Meeting Place

“First and foremost you guys were such a blessing to us.  We were easily just as blessed as a team to be able to come and take part in the prophetic ministry.  We had some on the team that were completely shocked and blown away by it.  Bob and I have known each other for about 25 years and I have always had a feel for his heart on the Meeting Place and being a part of last night was incredible.  There’s just something about the Spirit making his home there and you guys being willing to serve in whatever capacity that It calls for.

We incurred a great blessing in the opportunity to come out and minister and be a part of it.  I know my heart coincides with Bob’s as far as the vision behind the Meeting place being an avenue for all churches and people to come without their home church feeling threatened.  It’s never been about that.  It’s about the lost.  Unless we get our churches to start working together it’s always going to be an uphill battle.  It’s important that we’re in unity in our area…this is a key point and it’s happening at the Meeting Place.  My team was stretched and taken beyond their selves in the worship and we were ministered to.  I think it all worked so well together because the Lord was overseeing it. — Dave Priest, Guest Worship Leader at the Meeting Place