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The Gate

“The Gate” is a painting that was given to Voice by Leslie Marks, a prophetic artist. She and her husband come to our annual Passion Conference and sell their work all over the country as well as instruct people how to flow in prophetic painting.

The LORD says, “You are a beautiful gate – an entrance point to the beauty and presence of the Lord. You are made up of lively stones that are built up together – a spiritual house – hand hewed by gold and placed in my perfect order.  You are fitly joined together to house the glory of the Lord and to bring it forth in unprecedented measure.  At this beautiful gate, apostles and prophets will be trained, mentored and set to the nations, infused with the same power and authority that was wrought after the infilling of Holy Spirit in the upper room.

Just as the lame man received his legs after his encounter with Peter and John, those who you commission will receive “legs” to go into all the world to preach the gospel to the kingdom, to tread on the enemy, speak with new tongues and do extraordinary miracles in Jesus’ name.

The prophetic intercession and the prophetic/apostolic decree made in this house have released a rushing mighty river that will reach the ends of the earth to shift nations and to bring life to all it touches.  Be strong and of good courage, the wilderness season has ended and new wells are springing up.  It is your beautiful season to possess the land – for it is your inheritance.

A new wind of My Spirit, My very breath, is blowing anew upon the enclosed garden within these walls.

The fragrance is being carried and with it cross-pollination is occurring even in the region, to connect the five-fold ministries in other churches to impact and shift this community, region and state for the glory of God.  This is your season of fruitfulness and bountiful prosperity – the drought is over!

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