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Going Forward

A Prophetic Word by Bradd Neidhamer, from Sunday, July 24, 2011.
My sons and my daughters I am lighting the fire on the altars of your heart. You have tried to light that fire by your own efforts. I see you with the flint and the stone trying to start it on your own. I’m pleased with your effort to clear off the altar of your heart.  But you can’t do it on your own or by your own efforts. I know your pain. I know your heartache. I’m bringing my passion and my fire to the altar of your hearts. I will put my fire on it and my fire will not go out or grow dim.  I am clearing the altar of your hearts. I’m removing all the debris. I’m removing the guilt, the shame, the heartache, the unforgivness, the performance the self effort.

It’s time to pull up the anchor.  It’s not time to wait or delay. It’s not a time to pull back, not a time to stop or rest on your accomplishments. Now is not a time to compromise.  It’s time to press in. It’s time to go forward, for I am for you not against you.

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