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Bow Down

You think you are doing nothing worthwhile. You think you are ineffective in My kingdom, and are not part of advancing My Light into this dark world. Oh, My child, can’t you see that there is so much going on right now that doesn’t have to do with what you see and do?

The words of your culture have to do with “effectiveness” and “productivity.” Few speak of waiting for the Power from on high. Sure, you speak about the period of waiting for My answer, but do you really know what I desire to achieve during this time? Waiting requires a constant surrender of one’s self. Waiting will carve out a humility within the heart that cannot be taken away. Waiting will usher in the total dependence upon Me that I desire within My loved ones.

I am interested in a soft, pliable heart that has been cultivated through periods of self-denial, barrenness, and silence. Those who are meek shall inherit the earth. I was meek, lowly, and humble. I carried not an ounce of pride.

Let Me carve within you My character, My child. Bow down to the pain and circumstances I have allowed in your life. Bow down to them as you would embrace My best gifts, because My best gifts are those worked within your heart. My best gifts are, in essence, more of Me. This is your highest purpose, this is your highest praise: to offer yourself as a vessel, a container, to be filled with more of Me.

©2005 Masterpiece of the Wilderness, Deanna Deering

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