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Prophetic Rooms

Just to let everyone know, there will be no Prophetic Rooms during December, and we will resume in mid January. Details will be forthcoming!

1 Comments on “Prophetic Rooms

  1. this is awesome! I was in the prayer room there the other day and God said that staying faithful to the dry times and seeking Him He will bless beyond what we could even imagine.And i know it was for that Prayer Room and Eve was playing at the time but revival will explode out of that place!And also i will be praying for an over flow of worship leaders that are seeking the presence of God in there worship!We need to have a place that people can come to and talk to God! Its veryvery important because these places promote getting oil(Matt. 25) which we all need! thankyou for your open doors and will be bringing as many as I can this sunday to church!!
    God bless!

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