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Pressure for Purification

There are seasons of great pressure that God will use to purify His saints.  The Father determines these seasons, but the heart of the saint determines the outcome.  It is the Father’s design to bring forth each one of us as a pearl in His eye, just as the oyster brings forth a pearl from the grating and grinding of the sand.  Usually in this season, every single area of the saint’s life is stirred up, for the Father has determined that peace be found only in Him.  Oftentimes, the stress of the pressure will bring the saint to the edge of his sanity, but this is also within the sovereign gauge of the Father.  We must jump off the cliff of old mindsets before we land in the new paradigm of the Spirit.  Natural man cannot comprehend the things of the Spirit; so the Father must take our natural man and pour us out into a new container.  Wine is purified by pouring it from container to container; each time there is sediment that remains at the bottom.

Seasons of pressure are just like this.  All we can do is let go of who we are and what we look like to our fellow men.  The heart that is willing to appear weak and foolish is the heart that will go all the way.  “I don’t care what I look like to man, Lord.  All I want to do is come out in the end pleasing you.  So pour me out and pour me out until I stand pure in you.”

©2010 Deanna Deering

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