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Closer in the Pain

You find yourself in the midst of deep and burdensome pain right now. The questions I ask you are these, are you growing closer to Me? Am I becoming more and more of your “All in All?” Am I the One you arise in the morning to speak to? Am I the One whose thoughts you are focused upon when you lay your head down at night? Am I the One you partake of daily, even if it is in silence and solitude? Am I the One you seek in the midst of your pain or do you seek to escape from the chaos of your present circumstances?

If your gaze is pure, you will see Me.

If your gaze is pure, you will see Me. You will see My love for you. You will see My desire to be one with you yes, even in your pain. Especially in your pain! For in your pain, your flesh is rendered dead. It has no control, no understanding, no rights of its own.

So if you answer “yes” to My first question “are you growing closer to Me in your pain,” then the pain is serving its purpose. Welcome the pain, My friend. Welcome it like a cherished friend, for it can do nothing other than drive you deeper into Me. If I could only let it pass, I would. But how else am I to be united with you, My Beloved? How else are you to know the depths of My passion for you?

My Father’s heart met you in the cross. Will you meet Me in the cross I offer you? Will you say yes to all of the breakings I must bring to you in order to make you Mine? Fully, completely, 100 % Mine? What Glory!

©2005 Masterpiece of the Wilderness, Deanna Deering

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