58247 Crossview Lane | Osceola, IN 46561 [email protected] 574.830.5009

IHOPM Informational and Equipping Meeting

This meeting is for those not currently on an IHOP team, but who would like more information on ways to get involved. Saturday, September 22, from 10am-Noon we’ll share a brief overview on establishing and furthering the House of Prayer in Michiana. The objective is to paint a picture of how essential the House of Prayer is and has always been in every season of Voice Ministries and to have each of us walk away refreshed in the vision and encouraged in the process to move forward. We’ll have fruit, donuts, coffee and fellowship at 9:30 am. before the meeting so come early. There is great excitement and Holy anticipation surrounding this season in the Kingdom of God! As stated before, “what an awesome privilege that God has set before us all!”

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