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Choosing to Win

Today, I am overwhelmed by the goodness of our beloved Savior, Jesus. He is our provider, he is our hope and he is our purpose. I am always amazed when my mind puts up roadblocks to Matthew 6:33. You see, when I seek first the King of the kingdom of God, all things become possible. I have always said that “no one can stop the hand of God in your life but you.” No certain individual, no lack of education, no religion, no government, no geographical location or ethnic background is capable of stopping His hand. If you’ve come to believe that they can, you are saying that an individual or whatever it may be is stronger and greater than God’s hand in your life. NOT SO! I want to make something very clear: in order to overcome the power of the enemy, we must die to self. When we lay down our life to what we are feeling — be it offense, discouragement, the desire to give up, or disappointments — when we lay these down, we disarm the principalities and powers of the air. Their job (through demonic pawns) is to keep people in a place of fear, doubt, disbelief, discouragement and powerlessness. When we come alongside Jesus and lay down our rights for the sake of our King, we overcome. This is so very simple but so very powerful. Fighting in our own strength, we lose. Surrendering our life for the sake of Jesus, we win.

It’s all about Jesus. I choose what He says about me, not the uncrucified opinion of another. This is always our choice. What do we choose? To speak and to live in light and life? Or to dwell in lazy thoughts of defeat and the demonic pointing of the finger?

You have a choice. What is your choice?

Bob Deering
18 January 2011

“Our ability to deceive ourselves is great.”  — Deanna Deering

1 Comments on “Choosing to Win

  1. Bob, seriously, your postings/videos/etc. over the last week have been like totally custom made just for me and what I needed. It’s freaky. Good freaky though. Thanks. Love you guys.