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Brave Hearts

You will always be tempted to depend upon your own strengths. You will always hold a measure of security in certain relationships. None of these are sinful, but there comes a point when I will decide to remove them — one at a time, perhaps, or all at once, pulling out all of your props, leaving you alone with all of your weaknesses laid bare.

How heartless this seems of Me, but actually, it is My great mercy that leaves you in such a helpless state, naked and poor, broken and alone. Apart from Me, you can do nothing. In Me, you can do all things that I have in My mind for you.

How do you come to rely upon Me and Me alone? I am the Way, My child; I will perform this process in your life, if you deeply desire it in your inmost being. I alone search the hearts and minds of men, and I know those who speak words of dependency, but have little desire to live them. They rely far too much on outer things — their own strength, their own wisdom, their own external securities.

In Me, you can do all things that I have in My mind for you.

Then there are My children who deeply desire only Me as their strength. They seek total and absolute dependence upon Me, with nothing standing in the way. How I delight in such surrender! Immediately, I begin the process of bringing each one of these children into a state of radical dependency. Things you didn’t know that you relied upon are suddenly removed. Personal strengths and graces you took for granted are all of a sudden gone.

When the last prop is removed, do not be afraid to fall. There is only one place you can fall now — deeper into Me. This is the only way to be dependent — desperately, radically dependent — upon Me. I will not have you declare that I am your strength, that I am your all in all, when you have many hidden props. As the process begins, remain in My love, for this will take a Brave Heart.

©2005 Masterpiece of the Wilderness, Deanna Deering

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