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*Spirit of Adoption Summit February 10-12
Through a divine set-up, the Zoe Foundation will be hosting an adoption seminar here at Voice, Feb. 10-12. The Zoe Foundation promotes adoption as a positive alternative to abortion by assisting in fundraising for adoptive families, educating churches, coordinating efforts of pro-life doctors and other professionals, connecting families to adoption-ready children and caring for birth mothers.

The Spirit of Adoption Summit is for those with a passion to understand and further the movement of adoption. Randy Bohlender from the Zoe Foundation will share on the message of adoption ranging from the vision of why adoption is at the core of the Christian faith to the practical steps of how to adopt. Featuring Praise and Worship Friday evening and Saturday morning with singer/songwriter Marta Koonce and WFRN’s morning-show host, Vincy Willamowski. Find more information and seminar registration at http://thezoefoundation.com.

Also, you can see more info or join on this event on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/events/275037242552654/

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