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This is a Time to Press In

This is for Voice Ministries congregation this morning:

During worship I began to see things and I knew that it had to do with where we are right now as a body.  And I saw [most of us know what cocoons look like] that we’d been in a cocoon, but it’s been for longer than we’d thought.  And I see that there’s been a lot of transformation that’s been going on.  We’ve been going through a cycle.  And it’s not the normal cycle that a man would put a time-line on, it’s a cycle that God puts the time-line on.  And depending on the amount of change that needs to take place—it’s kind of like in proportion to the amount of time we’re in—that transformation process.

And I hear the LORD say, “We’re about to come to the end of one of the major stages that we’ve been in as a ministry.”  And I can see the cocoon.  And if any of you know much about butterflies and those things, I can’t see what we’re about to become.  I don’t see it!  The LORD knows.  But what I can see is that we’re coming to the end of a cycle, like a cocoon where . . .  it would almost be like a time where we can’t see the beauty of who God’s called us to be.  Maybe we feel restricted or confined.  Maybe it seems like things are dark and not light.  You can imagine the process many of us have gone through personally, like the cocoon stage, and some would say like the dark night of a soul stage, but it can be different.  This is a transformation process, but we can’t see the beauty; often we can’t see who it is that we’re becoming.  And I believe that this is on an individual level, but as a whole, this word is for Voice Ministries.  That we’re coming to an end of a cycle of what would be like a cocoon stage, so to speak.

I hear the LORD say, “Raise the intercession and really press-in.”  Even as we breakout and we enter into the exiting of one cycle into a new, it’s a challenging process.  You can imagine the struggle of the butterfly coming out of the cocoon.  That’s exactly what I’m seeing we’re getting ready to enter into.

So I feel like God would have us, even on our own and as a family—those of you who call Voice Ministries your home, and your home church—to mark on a calendar.  I see it.  I see you marking on your calendars.  I see you coming to the house of prayer, other ways of uniting, to be praying for this body and for our transformation process, and what we’re getting ready to go through because it effects us all who are called to this body and even some who come from other regions.   And so I hear the LORD say, “Get ready because I’m about to breath new life into you.”  And there’s going to be a great change that you’re about to go through but the LORD says, “Know that I am with you.”

Some will say, “Where’s the LORD?  This is too hard.”  But the LORD says, “I am faithful to you now.  I will be faithful to you then.  I will never be unfaithful to you” says the LORD.  “But you will see My faithfulness as you’ve been longing to see.  You will see My support and My strength, as you’ve been longing to see.  And many will glory and wonder at what it is that you will become even as I breath new life unto you and you say ‘Yes’ to the process that I’m taking you through.”

Received by Roy Miller
Sunday Morning Prophecy / The Year of Our LORD Christ – March 10, 2013

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