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The Lion of Judah

I have made up my mind, I am going to believe. Against all evidence to the contrary, I am going to believe! I am going to believe in the power of God within me. I am not going to believe in the world, or believe in what I know and can see and can feel. I am going to believe in what I do not yet know (in experience), in what I do not yet see and in what I do not yet feel.

I am ready to cross the Jordan. I am ready to receive the new identity God wants to give me. I am ready for a paradigm shift in my thinking, in the way I relate to reality. I am ready for the mind of Christ to settle upon me. The fearsome and the fearless mind of Christ. I will no longer move by fear but I will move by faith. I am ready to overcome my last and final obstacle causing fear in my life. I am ready to face the enemy head-on, for he is no foe to the One who lives within me. Raise up the Lion of Judah, oh Lord, raise it up within us so that we will begin to fight for our destiny! All the enemy can do is attempt to hinder us in our destiny, but part of our walking in it depends upon our forcefulness in pursuing it!

It seems that God allows us to be pressed down from the outside in order that we will rise up on the inside. Being crushed on the outside will necessitate a rising up of the Spirit within. The Spirit has no choice but to rise up in forcefulness or else it will die. There is the danger of spiritual death of course, and that is why the enemy takes his chance. One person may rise up in true spiritual advancement while the other may shrink back in fear and unbelief!

©2005 Deanna Deering, Masterpiece of the Wilderness

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