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Reward for the Steadfast

There is a great reward coming for those who persevere. Hold fast, My child. Be diligent in seeking My presence. The flesh always screams in pain as it is being pressed through the narrow door. But do not be dismayed.

In this world, I was the only Perfect One. Yet, I am calling you to higher levels of perfection. This is a process for all My children. The path I hold for My dear ones is a steep one and the joy that follows suffering may seem to be far away. Rejoice, however, in this: the promise is sure. As you are faithful to seek Me, and fervent in your desire for “more,” I will hold out your reward.

Take heart. You will be like the prisoner who brings forth very beautiful music from within confining walls — because you are My prisoner, no  one else’s.

Those who are called are trained quite rigorously. Do not lament because you are there right now. Rather, rejoice! You are in the final stages of preparation. Your focus on Me must be ever so precise now. Simplify. Simplify all aspects of your life. Then you will hear Me more clearly.

©2007 Deanna Deering, Masterpiece of the Wilderness

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