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Rain Wind Oil Fire

This word was received by Corey Stark in 2002. 
I was awakened suddenly on Tuesday, 24 September 2002 at 3:26 AM. Seconds afterward, I was acutely aware of the sweeping downpour of rain, that ended as abruptly as it began, leaving behind only echoes of its awesome display.

The Word
Then the Word of The Lord came saying “I AM now sweeping the landscape of the earth with My cleansing rain to prepare My people for what is coming. My rain will come as a forceful downpour upon those who need My correction. It will also come as a gentle rain to strengthen and refresh the weak and weary soul.

My rain is sweet and will create, in and of itself, a hunger throughout the earth for more. However, what lies beyond My rain is My wind and it shall break every high and lofty thing. The rain is just a preparation for what comes next. It is during this season of rain that you’ll receive your preparation and positioning for My wind. The rain shall prepare, but My wind shall change. Even the things you see upon the landscape shall be changed when My wind comes, so prepare your hearts and minds now.

For My rain shall fall upon all who come, even those with wrong motives and selfish agendas. This rain shall be a measure of My annointing and My blessing upon My people. It shall refresh and renew and it shall stir a hunger for more. It will wash and cleanse and will expose the hidden motives of the heart, opening afresh doors of repentance, that were previously shut up, for those willing to walk through them. It will also stir a hunger for more of what is in My peoples hearts and will prepare My remnant to stand out amongst the mixed multitude.

For I will shortly send My wind and it will blow through the land and dry up every bit of rain that remained upon the surface of the earth. It will remove that which is dead, lifeless and temporal and will expose in truth that life which is issued forth from the Father and is eternal.

The Vision
I was then shown a vision in the Spirit. I saw a flat plain that stretched beyond my sight in all directions. Then suddenly, a forceful dark army of clouds rolled in over the horizon and completely engulfed the great plain. Issuing forth out of them were sheets of rain that pounded the land by course.

Following the rains assault upon the land, I saw a multitude of trees appear before me. Some of the trees were weak and completely bowed to the ground, while others seem to be strong and standing quite tall. Nevertheless, they all had one thing in common. They were all covered with dirty leaves and not one was clean.

Then I watched, as they were all bathed in this cleansing rain and they were being washed clean. Simultaneously, as they were being washed, the weak ones that were bent over began to be revived and started to stand up. The other trees, that were standing tall at the first, were impacted with such a scouring downpour that they began to bow over.

The next thing I noticed was that the rain began to pool around the base of the trees, as it ran off of them. Suddenly, some of the trees roots burst forth from the ground beneath them and raced toward the pools to consume the water. I questioned in my heart what this meant and The Lord said, “These pools of water represent My anointing.” At first, I thought to myself that this was good, that they were just chasing The Lord, but immediately I sensed in my spirit, that what these trees (representing believers) were doing wasn’t good and that it wasn’t pleasing to God, and so I was confused.

The Lord then showed me what these roots represented. I saw names written upon three of them. The first said selfish ambition, the second said control and the third said pride. These roots represented the secret motives of their heart and with these, they chased not after God Himself, but after His annointing to covet it for themselves.

Then The Lord showed me that because of their lack of healing and the unrenewed areas of their minds, they cannot help doing what they are doing. For example, the root of selfish ambition sprang forth out of an area labeled “rejection.” The root of control sprang forth out of an area labeled “abuse.”And the root of pride came forth from a place called “lack of positive affirmation.” In this way, until the area of rejection gets healed and that unrenewed area of the mind is restored, they will always react in selfish ambition, within their heart, toward the true anointing of God. The same is true with the root of control or anything else. It is for this reason, The Lord said that His cleansing rain will expose the hidden motives of the heart.

Immediately following this, I was turned to see the remaining trees, which were far less in number. Their roots did not appear above the ground, as the trees previously, but quite to the contrary. These trees roots labored downwards, continually excelling, as they forced their way through the earth (which represented depths of humility). They were turning and twisting, like a drill bit, as they plummeted through the layers of the crusted earth, chasing the rain that went before them. They raced downward in their quest, to not only overtake the rain, but to apprehend that, which seemed to command the race of the rain toward it — the water table itself!

It seemed as though, they were not only following closely behind the rain because it soften the earth, making it easier to break through, but because the rain led them straight to the source. It led them directly to the fountains of the deep!

Then the Lord clearly showed me that the roots to these trees were three — Faith, Hope and Love. I watched, as these three roots, finally broke through the final layer of earth that was attempting to hold them captive from the waters of the deep below. To my surprise, what they plunged into wasn’t water at all, but an underground river of golden oil. Then The Lord spoke again and said, “This river of oil represents My presence that indwells each believer through the Holy Spirit.”

As these three roots of Faith, Hope and Love began to draw from the river of His Holy Spirit, they became engorged with oil and grew exceedingly to the point of bursting. The oil pumped upwards through the roots, as a true oil gusher would and it began pouring out over the trees. The oil was coming forth out of the areas where fruit would normally grow and it began running down the branches and the leaves of these trees.

Next, I began to see fruit appear on these trees that was filled with the golden oil of His presence. They looked like water balloons being filled with oil, as they were so huge and potentially explosive by reason of the inner oil of His Holy Spirit. I continued to watch as these trees were completely filled with fruit dripping with the oil of His Spirit.

There was a short delay, as if to wrap up this scene. During this time the fruit trees were filled in abundance with fruit, while golden oil ran from their leaves. However, the first trees were still striving in and amongst the pools of water, not yet bearing anything that had the slightest resemblance of fruit.

Now immediately following this pause, I was taken back to see the original plain and the storm clouds rolling in again. This time, the first set of clouds rolled through and I could now see a new storm front approaching. It was dark and truly fearsome in appearance. I could see at least four to five black tornadoes twisting across the plain and heading straight toward these trees, then I heard The Lord say, “This is My wind.”

I watched, as the wind was so strong that it lapped up the pools of water and every bit of moisture on the first set of trees in a moment. The leaves dried up, and even began to blow away, as their sustenance was taken from them. Then their branches became stiff and brittle and were beginning to break, as they were being challenged back and forth by the commanding wind.

As I watched on, these trees became indignant against the wind, knowing full well that it was The Lord and immediately began to be either extremely engulfed in a rage, or filled with fear, knowing that they no longer had any connection with their source of life. In either case, they began to quickly fall away and then The Lord said to me, “This is the great falling away” (2 Thes. 2:3).

Simultaneously, as these trees were being, as it were destroyed by the wind, the remnant trees were rejoicing in it, as the wind was actually spreading the oil more fully through the trees branches and leaves. They seemed relieved and and at rest because this wind left no areas untouched by the precious oil. They were all eager and expectant to feel the force of this wind and to rejoice in its awesome power, as it changed and transformed them more fully, into the trees of righteousness they truly were created to be. It was also preparing them for one more passing of The Lord’s gracious hand.

Fire! I then saw a flash of fire come forth from the midst of the heavens and blazed deliberately through the orchard of trees, engulfing every tree as it went. The first trees were consumed and burned to ashes, while the remaining remant of trees, that were now completely filled with fruit and covered with oil, were set ablaze with this heavenly flame. It was an amazing sight to behold, as these trees lit up the stormy, black, cloud covered sky with their brilliance, as even their fruit was now flaming! And yet, despite the intensity of this consuming heavenly flame, the trees and even their leaves, were completely unscathed by reason of the oil that covered them.

As the vision ended and in subsequent times of prayer concerning it, I am left with two main thoughts:

1. The Lord absolutely loves us and embraces us all in our human frailty and weakness. And while He understands more completely than even we ourselves,those circumstances in our lives that were beyond our control that have shaped us and molded us into what we are today, He in no uncertain terms relieves us of our responsibility to respond to Him correctly in humility, transparency, brokenness and repentance toward those unhealed and unrenewed areas of our mind, that will inevitably be revealed by Him, as we are touched by His anointing and His presence. In other words, we are expected to seek His healing hand for our own restoration and we are ultimately responsible for ourselves right now, regardless of how people, places or things have affected our walk in life and contributed in bringing us to this place of our journey!

2. This last days, victorious, warring, lovesick bride called the church, that will be filled with power, consumed with passion and will be brilliant in beauty and holiness, will surely emerge through a combination of desperation and determination.A desperation to make herself ready for Him, that will cause her at any cost, to seek the inner healing and renewing of the mind that is necessary, to allow her to tap into an unobstructed flow of His presence, through The Holy Spirit coming from within. And a determination to intercede and cry out, giving The Lord no rest, through her night and day sacrifice of true worship, that will demand an unprecedented release of His glory-fire from heaven, upon His bride in the earth.

I am convinced, that the coming together of these two elements will release the flaming, red-hot, victorious church of the last days upon the earth! The elements of desperation for healing, through the renewing of the mind, that will release an unobstructed flow of the Holy Spirits oil in our lives meeting with the consuming fire of His presence, released from heaven, by the determination of a priesthood, that won’t take no for an answer, will surely set this generation ablaze with His manifest presence, that will ultimately reveal the true children of God, of whom all creation eagerly awaits and trembles in awe of!

“One day all prophecy will cease, until then…We know in part, and we prophesy in part. For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” (1 Cor. 13:9,12)

The purpose
1 Cor. 14:3 – “But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort. Separate the wheat from the chaff and judge it according to the Word.”

1 Cor. 14.29 “Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge.”

The Word of The Lord — received through Corey Stark

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  1. I became aware of this prophecy back when Bob had the radio show and thought to ask about it, seeing that it continues to become more relevant (as prophecies should)….Thanks Corey for sharing it again today with the whole body. May our roots continue to strive down deep for the precious golden oil of love, that we might become that spotless bride the LORD is seeking.

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