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Hogs, Horseshoes, & Hundreds

The 2008 Shulamite Invitational was a great day. Even though it was cloudy and a little soggy, we had plenty of people come out and enjoy the Hog Roast, Horseshoe Tourney and Bake Auction. We were able to raise over $700 for the studio, which will help us get much needed equipment to produce CDs professionally. There was quite a bit of competition for the tournament, and the winners were awarded the coveted Golden Horseshoes. Next year we will have to see who takes the prize! Be sure to check out the gallery for photos of the event. 

In other news, The Joseph Storehouse has been reaching hundreds of people per week. We have adjusted out hours to Tuesday to Thursday from 9-11 and Noon-2. That being said, we still have over 200 families PER DAY coming in to get food. It’s a huge blessing to be able to do this, but also we have a great need for volunteers to serve. If you can serve just a few hours per week – making boxes, organizing food, helping out at the front desk, see Glenda Thompson. If you would like to donate food or funds to help us purchase more, see Denny Rogers.

2 Comments on “Hogs, Horseshoes, & Hundreds

  1. Fun times with good people. Maybe we could get Kris a new coat for Christmas 🙂

  2. I keep forgetting that I can comment on this now. The Shulamite Invitational looked like a lot of fun! At first I was thinking that you could probably just substitute pictures from the Hog Roast a few years ago and no one would be able to tell the difference. Then, I realized all the kids have aged tremendously and that wouldn’t work. Anyway, glad it was a good time and that funds were raised. We love Voice!

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