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His Love Comes as a Raging Storm

There is always Love to celebrate, as long as the Love is Mine. I am always at work, always speaking in My gentle whisper, always calling hearts to come and walk with Me by the River of Life. The reason many do not see or sense My presence in the world around them is because they are still looking with human eyes. Many times, I chastened My closest followers for their unseeing eyes and their unbelieving ears.

This is the reason I sent My Counselor. He is ready to teach, to guide, to show you things that are dear to My heart. I long to share My heart, to simply sit down and sup with you. All you must do is open the door to your heart. Every day I am waiting. And every day you must open it and give Me entrance. My deepest treasure is you. My deepest love is you.

I know that your trials have been severe. And I know that you have cried out for My mercy. My heart longs for you when you pull away. I know the temptations of the flesh, and the attacks of My enemy. But it is only through the fire of enduring great temptations that a heart is purified. When the storm is at its fiercest point, you may think that I have abandoned you. But this is only the enemy’s deceptiveness, and the frailty of the flesh. If you hang on to Me even though you do not sense My presence, you will come through the storm, and you will become more gentle, more humble, and more still.

I love you, My friend. You must never forget this. My love comes as a raging storm at times, but I will never fail to come in and refresh you, once the storm has passed. As long as you turn to Me, I will always turn to you.

©2005 Masterpiece of the Wilderness, Deanna Deering


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