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Moving Forward Updates

12/1/20 Update
IHOP-M is open during normal hours. Voice Fellowship is currently meeting with limited attendance. Check on our Facebook for tickets each week. We also stream online at voiceministries.com/facebook.

11/1/20 Update
The Camp and IHOP-M will be closed until Monday, November 9. Please continue to pray for those who are being affected by the virus.

10/31/20 Update
We will not be having a service at Voice Fellowship on Sunday (11/1), but you can jump on Facebook or the Voice website at 10:30am and check out some worship and some special messages that will be posted!

10/28/20 Update
Due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in this area, IHOP-Michiana and The Camp are closed to the public at this time. An update will be given tomorrow that will bring more clarity as we evaluate and make decisions in moving forward. Please stay in prayer for an end to this virus!

Summer 2020 Update
Sundays at Voice Fellowship:
Join us each Sunday for worship and a teaching at 10:30am. We meet outside at the Camp, so bring a lawn chair and a cup of coffee!

*** Please note, if it does rain and we cancel the outdoor service, because of social distancing and inside space limitations, it would be best that only the worship team, immediate support staff and leadership attend. Everyone is welcome to livestream with us.***

• If you are sick or have been sick, please watch the LiveStream from your home.
• Enter the service area at right of the House of Prayer.
• Giving box available on the patio. 
• Bring your own lawn chairs. 
• Bring your own water / coffee.
• The Camp is closed with the exception of the restrooms. There will be an usher at the side door to facilitate people coming in and out of the restrooms. 
• Use hand sanitizer / wash your hands
• If you prefer to wear a mask, please bring your own; masks are also available if you do not have one.
• Treat each other with kindness and the love of Jesus. 
• LiveStreaming on Facebook and Voice website.

Remember, If we do have bad weather on Sunday morning, please make sure you check our Facebook and website status beforehand, as we will shift to LiveStream of worship and speaking rather than meeting in person.

05/07/20 Update
Dear Voice Family,
Right from the beginning, we would like to convey to you to the position of our hearts and strongly believe that God’s intention in His word and through His Holy Spirit is not to divide but to unify in this time. So, how do we live in these times with spiritual courage? How do we love our church family as we navigate these waters? These are questions that we as a Leadership Team have been asking.

We know that it is important to show compassion and to honor each other as we are all at various places on this journey. Always be encouraging and not judgmental toward one another. Show restraint when necessary, knowing that we all have different perspectives. Pray for one another. Be grateful and thankful for one another.

In the coming weeks, we want to move forward in confidence. We are not shrinking back. We are proceeding with caution and wisdom — especially for the sake of those among us who are at high risk. We asked the Lord how to walk this out and we believe He said to steward this cautiously and be responsible to the vulnerable. During this time, we have been in contact with the medical community along with police and fire departments.
We firmly believe that a few weeks is not going to thwart the Kingdom of God. We can’t allow the emotion of the urgent to rule over Biblical wisdom and sound thinking. We encourage each you with great faith to pray with us that an immediate end to this virus will come about! We have full confidence that we are being as bold as we always are, but we are being bold in prayer. God wants us to settle in the spiritual reality of what we are called to be. Going forward is to be in the secret place — the place of intimacy and prayer. 

This coming Sunday (via LiveStream), Bob will share our plan on moving forward at Voice as far as our Sunday and Tuesday services. Right now we believe that holding outdoor services is the safest way forward. We will hold an outdoor service on Pentecost Sunday, May 31.

Regarding IHOP-Michiana: The House of Prayer has been open during the day and according to the new guidelines, we will have our teams back on Monday and Wednesday if they choose. You are welcome to come and be in the House of Prayer. (Please follow the Governor’s guidelines of social distancing, handwashing, etc.).

We will continue to keep you posted as things develop, and be sure to join us via Livestream on Sunday morning at 10:30 for worship with Dave and Liz Carey followed by a message from Dave Ramer and Bob Deering.

facebook.com/voiceministries or voiceministries.com/facebook

In His Love, In His Grip,
The Core Leadership Team
Bob Deering, Denny Rogers, David Ramer

3/22/20 Update
Dear Voice Family and Friends,

Due to the statewide “essential travel only” restrictions and the other social distancing guidelines, Transformation Tuesdays will not be meeting until we are given the all-clear to return back to normal. 

Join us as we continue to pray for those who are on the front lines – doctors, nurses, hospital workers, scientists, police and fire, and other important agencies that are keeping things going. Pray for wisdom for our President and Vice President and the Task Force as they give counsel and make decisions. May we stay in peace and rest.

3/19/20 Update
Dear Voice Family and Friends,

Due to the guidelines regarding social distancing — specifically avoiding gatherings over ten, and the recent “essential travel only” restrictions in St. Joseph County, Voice Fellowship will be streaming live on Facebook this Sunday and future Sundays until we are given the all-clear to return back to normal meetings. 

How this Sunday will work:
Beginning at 10:30am, Dave and Liz Carey will be live-streaming a time of worship from their home. 

You can view the live stream at http://facebook.com/voiceministries.

At 11:00, that feed will end and we will start up a live feed with David Ramer bringing us an encouraging word. 

During this time we will also give you an opportunity to give online at https://voiceministries.com/donate. It is important to recognize even though we are not meeting together in person, not only do your gifts and donations help us continue to keep bills paid and IHOP-Michiana open, but you are being faithful to the call to give and all the blessings that come with being faithful (Malachi 3). 

You are welcome to comment during the message. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask those and at the end of the service, we will try and answer some of your questions. 

IHOP-Michiana will continue to be open during the week as normal. The President has issued guidelines regarding gatherings. If you are sick, immune-compromised or elderly — please be safe and stay home for the next 2 weeks or so. Wash your hands frequently and keep hard surfaces disinfected. 

We will continue to update as more information becomes available. 

May God bless you and your families during this time. 

In His Love,
The Core Leadership Team

3/16/20 Update
Dear Voice Family and Friends,
In compliance with the new guidelines from the state of Indiana regarding gatherings (as Healing & Prophetic night is one of our larger meetings) and because people come from all over Indiana, Michigan and beyond, We are cancelling the Tuesday night Healing & Prophetic service.

We will continue to keep you updated on further changes as things are communicated to us. Stay in peace and remember that love will always win over fear.

In His Love, In His Grip,
The Core Leadership Team

3/14/20 Update
Dear Voice Family and Friends,
In light of all the news about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and as you are experiencing the many closings of schools, colleges, concerts and sporting events, we wanted to give you an update about Voice Ministries and IHOP-Michiana. 

We, like many others, place a high value on being an environment that is safe and healthy for you to gather, worship, and seek the Lord. We know that this disease is spread though close contact, so we are paying attention to the recommendations by the CDC as well as state guidelines from Governor Holcombe. 

Many people have become fearful and anxious. Others have dismissed the whole thing as hype. In 2 Timothy 1:7, Paul instructs Timothy that God has given us love, not fear! His strength is with us and in us and He has given us His wisdom through the Holy Spirit to use self control (sound mind). So in the middle of all this, we want you to be confident that God is in our midst. Peace is with us. 

So while we do not operate from a position of fear, there are some common sense precautionary guidelines that we want to share to best serve our Voice community.

Sundays & Tuesdays — Because we are not a large church, we have some room to spread out and meet together. At this writing (3/14), we plan to continue our Sunday and Tuesday gatherings. 

IHOP-Michiana will continue to remain open throughout the week. We encourage you to come and sit before the Lord, worship, pray and meditate. 

Our team of amazing staff is making sure that the restrooms and hard surface touch points (handles, knobs, tables, counters etc.) are being cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout our facility. Additionally, the children’s spaces and toys are being wiped down. 

Please do not feel that you have to shake hands or hug people.

Remember to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. (You can say the Lord’s Prayer while you do it!) We provide antibacterial soap in our restrooms. 

There is also hand sanitizer located in the coffee area. 

If you are feeling sick, we would encourage you to stay home and watch on our Facebook Live feed (http://facebook.com/voiceministries) that we offer each Sunday and Tuesday. And if you choose to stay home, there is no judgment or condemnation from us! Feel free to comment and post testimonies of how the message or service affected you as you watch. 

We are able to do what we do because of your faithfulness. So even if you can’t make it here, you can give online at https://voiceministries.com/donate. You are also welcome to stop by during the week and drop your offering in the black box in the lobby. 

We will still have communion available at the back of IHOP-Michiana in prepackaged, individually wrapped elements. 

Sunday, March 15 is a National Day of Prayer regarding the CoronaVirus. Since we established the House of Prayer, we have often said that there will be days coming that will test our faith. How will we stand in those days. We feel that this is certainly one of those tests. When we come together in unity on a day set aside for prayer, let us be filled with love, hope, and experience great joy in the midst of this unprecedented time in our nation. 

In His Love, In His Grip
Bob & Deanna Deering, Founders