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Can You Trust?

My words are true and they are right. I am faithful in all that I do. I love righteousness and justice. Let there be no deceit in your spirit. (Psalm 32:2). Let there be no pride in you. (Psalm 31:23).

Why is it so hard to put your trust and your hope in Me and leave it there?

Your hope must be in Me ALONE. Do you know how often I speak this ONE TRUTH throughout Scripture? Yet, it is so minimally grasped, even by My dearest followers. In so many ways, you take your path and your life back into your own hands; into your own insights, thoughts, and good ideas; into your own understanding. Why is it so hard to put your trust and your hope in Me and leave it there?

“We wait in hope for our Lord; He is our help and our shield. In Him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in His holy name.” (Psalm 33:20-21, NIV). Can you wait? Can you trust? Can your hearts rejoice in Me while you are waiting? Why is waiting so difficult? My principles go against this fast-paced culture in which you dwell. I promise that My unfailing love will rest upon those who put their hopes in Me. (Psalm 33:22). You have all the freedom (Psalm 32:10) to wander outside of the shelter of My presence (Psalm 31:20).

Don’t you see? It is so simple. Those who dwell, who hope, who trust in Me, are promised the shelter of My unfailing love. I will never remove My love from you: rather, it is you who have the power to step outside the covering of love that I provide.

©2005 Deanna Deering, Masterpiece of the Wilderness

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