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A Prophetic Word of Hope

Don’t slumber; don’t be bound!
My people are beginning to hear. 
My people are beginning to arise. 
I have heard your cry! 
I will deliver you with a strong right hand! 
Hope is rising within my people. 
I am opening up doors — doors of opportunity; doors of blessing; blessings you’ve been waiting for. 
Don’t slumber; don’t be bound! 

Awake! Arise! 
Awake! Arise!

Don’t be fearful.
Don’t be pushed back. 
You are living in an offensive day — not a defensive day.
Listen. Listen. Listen.
As it was with the sons of Issachar, you also will have understanding. 
I am giving you understanding to walk within it.

I am about to move greatly in the midst of my people.
My fire is about to spread.
I’m setting up my table before the people of the nations and they will see that I, the Lord, am good. 
A harvest explosion is about to happen — My table; My food; and My presence! 
I am about to displace principalities and powers that have captured regions — displacement! 
The enemy will have no room in the midst of my people. 

The army of the pure in heart is rising!
People will have the time to hear; many will hear for the first time.
Apostolic leaders will rise in humility
to lead; to steward; and to flow with the spirit. 
Hope will rise in the midst of the people.
Many resources will be released to move you forward.
Abundance, abundance is in the forecast!
Have faith at my table that the harvest will be: 
and there will be tears of relief! 
There will be tears and joy!

Bob Deering