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This is a fast that is motivated by having experienced the burning desire of Jesus’ love. Jesus taught the apostles that they would fast from a place of “mourning” for the touch of the Bridegroom that they had become accustomed to while he was physically present with them on the earth.

They had tasted intimacy with Jesus the Bridegroom and would mourn with fasting for more intimacy with Him after His death. Jesus said that when the Bridegroom is taken away (by His death on the cross and ascension to the Father), mourning for the former embraces of His Divine beauty (or “lovesickness”) would drive them to cry out, “I must have more.” This is the fruit of having experienced even the early stirring of first love.

This fast is focused not on earning or deserving more of God but on enlarging our capacity to freely receive more experience of the ocean of His love. And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” (Revelation 22: 17)


We meet at IHOP-Michiana three times a day, Monday-Wednesday, on the first week of each month. Morning — 7-8am, MidDay —12-1pm, Evening —6-7pm. Each day we will have a theme and focus towards growing in our bridal identity.

The International House of Prayer-Michiana is located at Voice Ministries / The Camp, 58247 Crossview Lane, Osceola, IN. We are open Monday – Thursday from 8am-8pm and Friday from 8am-9pm.