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Stan Seminar

On Earth as it is in Heaven Seminar

Understanding Your Authority Here On Earth as Jesus Followers

Pastor Stan Dudka will be leading a seminar on Saturday, August 20 from 9am≠Noon.
After praying all of 2019, desiring more supernatural experiences, the Lord started releasing them to me during a fast at the beginning of 2020. I began to go on Heavenly visitations through the vision≠realm. Since visions are one of my strongest prophetic gifts, it makes sense that the Lord would use that gift. He began to teach me about taking our authority here on the earth. 

During the seminar, there will be several activations and take≠aways that line up with Scripture. Join me as we press in to the Lord to receive all that He desires for us on that day. Let us come with cupped hands to receive it all. Registration is free at facebook.com/voiceministries. Click on the events tab.