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A Special Message from Bob Deering:
13 Fallen Soldiers and the Innocent Afghani People

My heart is so heavy for the fathers, mothers, and family members that are waking up this morning without their child. I join with all of you in prayer for the Holy Spirit to comfort them in the midst of great grieving.

I feel very strongly about what has taken place and I need to share. The fact is that this didn’t have to happen and shouldn’t have happened! I keep thinking, “Is this the leadership in our country that has allowed this to happen?” I keep thinking, “Is this the best that we can do to protect our soldiers and the innocent Afghan people that lost their lives that day.” I heard one of the most remarkable fathers speak last night about his fallen son, and he said, “I’m just a carpenter with no military background and I could see that they were being set up. They were being led into a trap — like a turkey shoot in the making.”

How heartbreaking to feel helpless when you see so much wrong taking place. The pain that these family members must be experiencing today; waking up to a world that their child is no longer a part of. I want to encourage each of you to pray for God-fearing men and women to rise up and to take positions of leadership across this nation. Pray for the men and women in leadership who are making decisions and putting our soldiers and our citizens in harm’s way. Pray their eyes would be opened because I do not believe they understand the brutality that will be released on innocent people by these terrorist groups, or they just don’t care. I question, “Where is the accountability for those who’ve been elected to serve the people by the people?” Pray that America stands up and honors those who have died for us and for the sake of others.

We here at Voice Ministries are so proud of the men and women that stand up every day and serve our nation and for those who have served our nation. God bless our soldiers. God bless our police officers. God bless our firefighters and first responders. And God bless America.

In His Grip,

Bob Deering
Director and Founder of Voice Ministries

John 3:16
Love and Truth