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Did you know that there are over 150 chapters in the Word of God that tells a divine story of God’s plans and purposes in the earth? In this series, we are going to study the Biblical foundation for the narrative of the real life drama that will unfold in our future. Presently, in 2020, there has been a major increase of discussions about the times we are living in. There is much confusion as many opinions, judgments and ideology have been promoted. Many are asking where we are on the Biblical timeline. We are at a critical juncture and it is time for us to establish the Word of God as the primary and essential source for the Second Coming Generation.

This teaching series will include:
A. Understanding the Biblical, detailed, and unfolding timeline from present day to the second Coming of Christ.

B. A Biblical understanding of the signs of the times and what to look for (as told by Jesus).

C. The Body of Christ’s responsibility during the generation in which the Lord returns.

D. Biblical intelligence into the life, power and purpose of the antichrist (as told by Daniel).

E. Israel’s unfolding purpose (as told by Zechariah).

F. The revelation of the Glory and Majesty of Jesus (as told by Revelation). This will include His response to the antichrist empire and detailed explanation of how He will defeat evil.

G. The rapture of the Church.

H. The maturity of light AND darkness throughout the End of the Age.

I. Essentially the Word of God explains in detail our future; both the glory and pressures we will face in God’s unfolding purpose.

This class will begin on TUESDAY, AUGUST 25 at 7pm at IHOP-Michiana (The Camp) and also will be live-streaming on Facebook/Voice website. We will have LIMITED SEATING every Tuesday with approximately 25-35 tickets available for each Tuesday. 

*** Further (and more specific) ticket information will be coming soon.***