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Deep Calls Unto Deep Conference
We invite you on an adventure into the heart of God to experience His glory and presence. Brian Guerin, of Bridal Glory International, will be our guide on this journey. Please join us Friday evening and Saturday morning, August 30 and 31 as we encounter the heart of God. Seating is limited. Tickets are $22.00 per person.

There will be preaching and teaching of the Word of God while blanketed in the rich presence of the Holy Spirit. In Brian’s meetings the presence of God repeatedly manifests in prophecy, signs and wonders, healings, miracles and the joy of the Lord. Brian will also be laying hands on everyone for a fresh impartation and commissioning into greater empowerment and release of the fullness of God’s purposes, promises and destiny within your life.

For tickets, schedule and more info: facebook.com/voiceministries