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The word radiant means to radiate or reflect rays of light; to be vividly bright and shining. It means to be marked by or  to express love, confidence, and joy. This working of the Holy Spirit prepares us inwardly to shine outwardly – like a city on a hill that can’t be hidden. Often our hearts can become like a dark, hoarded house, with stuff stacked so high that you can’t even see out the windows. But the Father longs for each of us to have light in every single room in our house — not just one. When we give him permission to come in, the light of His presence will change each room … from the inside out. This is what gives us complete freedom! When the rooms of our heart are clean and full of light, His radiance shines through us and out to those we encounter. So as we enter the new year, may we invite His radiant light to invade the rooms of our heart, fill them with light… and then, how we’ll shine!

Join us from 7pm-1am on New Year’s Eve as we gather to worship, pray, reflect and look toward the new year. Worship begins at 7pm featuring David Carey, Todd Wyse, Eddie Robinson, and Josh Vida and their IHOP≠M teams. Please bring a dish or snack to share as we will have food and beverage tables set up. At midnight we will be blowing the shofar and praying to bring in 2019. 

If you want to be a part of helping with this event, please see Amy Romersberger or call/text her at 574.221.1326.