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We are excited to be bringing Fielding and Carla Cage to IHOP-Michiana. Fielding and Carla are ministers and global missionaries to areas of Russia, India, China, Philippines, Turkey, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, Peru, Jamaica, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa and area where people are unable to be reached by other missionaries and ministries. They are coming to IHOP-M to teach on healing and lead outreach teams on July 16-17.

Schedule (IHOP-M at the Camp)
July 16:
1:30-3pm / Teaching
3pm / Outreach Healing Ministry 

July 17:
7-8pm / Teaching
8pm / Outreach Healing Ministry

Their vision is to: Witness – Win souls in crusades, streets and preaching with the demonstration of the Spirit and of power; Teach – mentor and demonstrate how to live powerfully as a son of God and an Ambassador of Heaven, Disciple – Establish and partner with long term works in churches, Bible schools and children’s homes.