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40 Day Fast

Zeal For His House: 40 Day Fast

The International House of Prayer Michiana and Voice Ministries
February 20 to April 1, 2017

John 2.17  — “Zeal for My Father’s house has consumed me.” 

For forty days, we are asking for the zeal of the Lord to consume us. So, during this fast, each of us must ask ourselves, what will it cost? Are we willing to be challenged? Are we willing to destroy our flesh? Will we allow ourselves to carry the presence of the Holy Spirit? Let us choose to be consumed with His zeal as we fast, pray, and build the House of Prayer in Michiana.

Live Teams of Intercession

Monday & Friday · 9-10:30am
Monday, Wednesday, Friday · 7-9pm
Thursdays –Watchmen Warring · 1pm

Daily Teachings 

Monday – Friday · 12-1pm
Teachings by Mike Bickle such as:
Understanding the Call to Fasting
Transformed: Seeing who you are to God
Transformed: Delighting in the Lord
Transformed: Seeing who God is

Come and participate in any of the corporate intercession times and daily teachings as your schedule allows.

Prayer Points
  • God’s presence and fire to be released within us — to be consumed with His zeal
  • To abide in the First Commandment Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.
  • Finances to build and establish the House of Prayer at the Camp
  • A call to link arms in serving in The House Of Prayer Watchmen, musicians, singers, sound and media techs, artisans and support staff