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Daniel Teaching

This MP3 set is available at The Welcome Center at IHOP-Michiana. We hope to have it available online soon. $15 for 2 CDs with all 11 sessions. 

The Life and Visions of Daniel

This intensive teaching series, taught by David Ramer, thoroughly investigates the book of Daniel. This teaching focuses on understanding why Daniel lived, how he demonstrated a faithful relationship to God through troubling times and will look extensively into His visions that give us direction into the End of the Age and instructions on how to live before God. We look at the main themes that instruct every believer to feel equipped and confident for the days ahead. The visions of Daniel are extraordinary gifts to the Body of Christ and will simplify end-time understanding.

About the Instructor

David Ramer has been a senior leader with IHOP-Michiana and Voice Ministries since 2003. His desire is to see people equipped with the revelation of Jesus Christ. Dave has worked in healing ministry for ten years and has a strong commitment to teaching the Word of God. Dave desires to see people to walk in victory and have a renewed mind according to Romans 12:1-2.


  • Life of Daniel, Session 1 Introduction and Overview to Daniel
  • Life of Daniel, Session 2 Daniel 2: Daniel’s Great Shift
  • Life of Daniel, Session 3 The Great Image of Gold
  • Life of Daniel, Session 4 Daniel 5: God Resists the Proud
  • Visions of Daniel, Session 5 The Visions of Daniel
  • Visions of Daniel, Session 6 The Timing of the Rapture and the Role of the Church at the End of the Age
  • Visions of Daniel, Session 7 The Rise and Fall of the Anti-Christ
  • Visions of Daniel, Session 8 Daniel’s 70th Week Part 1
  • Visions of Daniel, Session 9 Daniel’s 70th Week Part 2
  • Visions of Daniel, Session 10 The Anti-Christ and the Abomination of Desolation
  • Visions of Daniel, Session 11 Daniel’s Intercession and God’s Answer

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