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To walk with the Lord is to walk on the pathway where we, as a people, continue to surrender to Him and trust Him. I really believe that the Lord Jesus is confronting our tendencies to try to control Him and, I must say, other people. Either He is Lord over all or not. In this great transition in the body of Christ, if you find yourself more drawn to prayer than promotion, more toward humility than hype, then you are being prepared by the Lord for the Glory of God. Jesus will become Lord over the Church, this is the Fathers plan!!!!

As far as transition — until we are standing face to face with JESUS, we are going to be in transition. So, today as I discern and navigate through this season of my life, the Lord will require of me a fresh surrender to His Lordship!!!!! All my preconceived ideas and expectations must be given and submitted to Him!!! Let the Holy Spirit lead you. Don’t stop Him by telling Him where you expect to go and do. Simply ask, “Where do you want to take me?” and remember Christ, in His fullness, extends His hand to you in love, grace, and mercy, making His Living Word a light unto your path!!!

Have a great day my friends!

Bob Deering, Founder

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