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Daniel Class

The Life and Visions of Daniel

In this intensive class taught by David Ramer,  we will thoroughly investigate the book of Daniel. I believe that Daniel lived his life so many years ago for our current generation. We will be focused on understanding why Daniel lived, and how he demonstrated a faithful relationship to God through troubling times. We will also look extensively into His visions which give us direction into the End of the Age. They also give instructions on how to live before God. We will be looking at the main themes that instruct every believer to feel equipped and confident for the days ahead. The visions of Daniel are extraordinary gifts to the Body of Christ and will simplify endtime understanding. So mark your calendars for Friday mornings from 10:3011:30am starting September 12.

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  1. Will all this class be posted on the website? I’d love to come but will be at work during the month of November and cannot come. If you have any materials that go along with the course, I’d be glad to purchase them.

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