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Many businesses have increased their effectiveness, revenue and bottom line, as a result of Michael’s consulting and teaching over the years. Leaders have learned how to find and mentor others in their organization to be leaders. Additionally, his love for free enterprise, incentive and competition is contagious!

Eventually this passion led to the writing of America’s Battle for Free Enterprise: The Value of Incentive & Competition. The book is sounding the alarm and providing a wake up call to identify the dangerous road that is taking us away from the roots of what has made America that shining city on a hill. Imagine the effect of hundreds of schools and political organizations reading the book and hearing him speak on this powerful message.

Serving as a pastor and influencing men and woman to be the best they can be in every area of life coincided nicely with his work as a business consultant. He has delivered thousands of messages to audiences within churches, businesses and schools. His love for pastors and churches has birthed a passion for him to travel to a different church every week with his life-changing message.

The Miracle Exchange: Living the Transformed Life, is a 40 day or 40 step journey focusing on what it means to be “crucified with Christ.” How do we exchange our identity with Christ? How do we enter into the power of the exchange? The Miracle Exchange is a message at the very core of Christianity! It is the fact that the ego-self dies and surrenders to Christ within.

Each chapter unveils Biblical principles that pave the way to renewing the mind so that it cooperates with the born-again nature and Christ living within that nature. It’s a fascinating journey to learn one practical step after another meant to strengthen the ability to experience victory. If there is anything worth saying a hundred times a day and meditating daily on, it’s the fact that the believer’s ego-self is crucified with Christ and Jesus is now living His life through him.

This 40-chapter journey was triggered during a 40-day fast and experienced over a decade of time spent in prayer, worship, silence, study and meditation. Michael Muccio also acknowledges the truths he gleaned by time spent with his spiritual father, Zig Ziglar.

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