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Transformation Tuesdays

I am so grateful for the path that God has this ministry on. There have been many challenges that we have faced and will continue to face in the days moving forward. My greatest desire is to always proclaim that “It’s all about Jesus” and that everything we do would cause you to draw near to Him.

After doing The Meeting Place for 20 years, we are going to change the format. For this next season, we are going to do our Tuesday meetings at the International House of Prayer – Michiana at the Camp in Osceola. The Meeting Place will be on hold for now, but remember that the Meeting Place is gathering people together and meeting in the presence of God.

Beginning January 9, 2018, we are going to equip and disciple men and women of God. To be a frontline Kingdom culture, you have to be a healthy culture. The Tuesday night meetings will now be called Transformation Tuesdays. We will begin with worship, have a valuable teaching, and end with prayer for one another. We will be equipping you with the Word of God and giving you some necessary tools to detox your souls and renew your minds. Make no mistake, Tuesday nights will still be all about Jesus!

We want to see people healed and whole and we will do whatever we can to bring you into the fullness of the knowledge of God and to experience His love and His presence. No matter where you go or what you do, make sure that it causes you to draw closer to Jesus. I believe Transformation Tuesdays will be essential in our growth as a kingdom culture!

— Bob Deering, Founder