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Watchmen Intercessors of IHOP-M

Voice’s Vision: A Frontline Kingdom Culture united in one voice and one heart to prepare and equip a people for the triumphal return of Jesus Christ through loving Him and loving one another. Mark 16:15  / John 17:22-23  /  Eph. 4:11-1  / 1Thes. 4:16-18 / Mark 12: 29-31

The Vision, Function, Purpose, and Role for Watchmen Intercessors
It is a desire to have a called Watchmen Intercessor assigned by the Lord to cover every hour that the IHOP-M is open to the public. The hours we are open to pray is called “Our Wall of Prayer.” We hope it is part of your vision to be a part of the Watchmen Intercessors Wall of Intercession.

Function: Based on Isaiah 62, the Watchmen are God-appointed people who intercede day and night by praying God’s heart through Scripture and Revelation (through dreams, visions, words of knowledge and basis prophetic insight) to establish the Lord’s will on the earth. Gather together to pray at the weekly Watchmen Intercessor Prayer Meeting held on Thursdays from Noon to 1:30pm in the IHOP-M. You can use the downloadable PDF of the Watchmen Intercessors Prayer Guide as a help to pray while you are in the IHOP-M. There are also IHOP-M Apostolic Prayer Sheets of Scripture as a guide to help you pray Scripture while in the House of Prayer.

Purpose: Position yourself as part of the Watchmen Intercessor Team to walk out your God-given function as a Watchman Intercessor and your God-given purpose in the House of Prayer. As you hear from the Lord, pray accordingly, and communicate what you have seen, heard and prayed to the Watchmen Director and other Watchmen Intercessors. You can pray for the Region, County, State and the Country as well as for Christians around the world.

Role: The Watchman Intercessor role is one of a servant. As you come to pray, always be ready to serve the community, other Watchmen Intercessors and members of the Worship Teams. Your role is also to maintain your commitment to the specific task from the Lord. Do your best to keep the time set apart to be in prayer so to honor the Lord as you honor one another. Your highest role is to promote unity and to express that unity through a posture of prayer, humility and love at all times.

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Watchmen Director

Stan Dudka, Director

From the desk of The Director of IHOP-M
Watchmen Intercessors, Stan Dudka

It has been a great joy and privilege to lead the IHOP-M Watchmen Intercessors for nearly 15 years. We have spent countless hours collectively praying in The House of Prayer – Michiana. I am so blessed to see the faithful watchmen Intercessor come weekly to their regular time slot that the Lord had called them to come and pray. Through times of fasting and prayer, I see the fruit of their labors. I see the commitment of the Watchmen Intercessors who attend the Weekly Prayer Meeting that has been going weekly for nearly 15 years. This weekly prayer meeting is one of the longest running weekly prayer meetings in our region. Some of our current Watchmen Intercessors have been a part of that the entire time. 

Over the years, there has been Watchmen Intercessors from many nations. We have prayed for the nations; prayed for presidents and other government leaders; prayed for our military and law enforcement; prayed for those in need of healing; prayed for the elderly and the young; prayed for so many of the schools around the entire region; prayed for the church leadership in the entire Michiana area. We have prayed many times for various needs of provision and miraculously, we have seen it come in…just in God’s time.

An invitation is extended to you. Won’t you come and pray at The House of Prayer – Michiana. Come and let the Lord lead you as to when to pray; how to pray and for whom you should pray for. Come and avail yourself for the Spirit of prayer to be poured out on you. Come and enter into the new places of prayer that you have not gone yet, in the Holy Spirit.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact at sdudka@voiceministries.com

May the Lord bless you as you come to pray,

Pastor Stan Dudka,
Director of the Watchmen Intercessors of IHOP-M